Head Start to Reading is a program designed to give young children a great start in reading!  There are classes for 4 and 5 year old children who will be starting Kindergarten next year and classes available for children who are currently in Kindergarten!

Head Start to Reading is a class that teaches Pre-K children how to read using sight words.  These sight words are high frequency words that are found most often in print. We use this method to start the children out because the Pre-K year is usually the year that children are still learning their letters and letter sounds. Usually at age 4 & 5 they are not yet comfortable with their letter sounds, and having to depend on these still unfamiliar letters to figure out words can become frustrating.  Children are usually very successful learning to read learning by sight.  Their confidence soars when they begin finding words they recognize in restaurants, on signs, and in their own books!

After the children take Head Start to Reading, they can take Next Steps to Reading which is a class that builds on the sight word vocabulary they already know, but begins introducing phonics strategies that are necessary for becoming independent readers.  Both classes can be taken before kindergarten.

A 3rd Pre-K class is offered to students who have completed  Next Steps to Reading! Write-Track Reading is a class that  focuses on handwriting and more phonics skills!  The students will be learning the proper formation of letters of the  alphabet and will be asked to apply their new phonics skills through handwriting!

Our Skill Builders class is a class offered in the Fall to children who have completed Next Steps to Reading.  In the Spring, this class is available to any child currently in Kindergarten.  This 55 minute class supports phonics skills such as the sounds of sh/ch/th, ee, ay, and ck.  The fun and flavor of the Head Start to Reading classes continue in this upbeat, activity based learning time!  

During the summer, Reading Adventures is offered to children who have completed Kindergarten!  This is a fun class that is meant to keep children reading and interested in books throughout the summer when school is not in session! We will read books like Pete the Cat, It Looked Like Spilt Milk, and the It’s My Birthday! (along with many more!)

Our History:

Head Start to Reading was started by a teacher and Mom who was working with her pre-school son on reading. She found that he was able to learn words very quickly by being introduced to them as a whole word!  She then began integrating that into her Pre-K class that she was teaching and found that those children were experiencing the same success as her own child!

Since the Summer of 2000, over 5600 students have participated in the Head Start to Reading program and have found a great confidence in themselves as they entered kindergarten the next year.

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